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How do I fix outlets not working in several bedrooms?

Updated: Feb 13

Losing power can be very frustrating and sometimes difficult to track down. This generally means you have a bad breaker or there is a disconnected wire somewhere in the house. This can sometimes be difficult because of the odd way electricians wire houses. When they are being build the way they are wired doesn't always make sense due to the electrical code. Sometimes wires will be ran through walls a longer distance to a totally different location because its on a GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) circuit. In most cases however, circuits are ran from the panel on one side of the house sequentially from one room to another.

We get this call all the time so here are some pointers to fix it. Start with the electrical panel. If its a 200 amp electrical panel it will have a main breaker that says 200. Turn off the main breaker for safety if you will be taking off the panel cover. Next check to make sure no breakers are tripped. If you know what breaker it is then verify the connections are tight. If all these things are working then you know the problem is inside the home. It might be a broken wire or bad connection. Try to figure out what circuit it's on because usually that means a device is not working or sending power through to the rest of the circuit. Often this requires an electrician opening a lot of outlets and switches to find the bad connection.

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