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Do electricians install coax cable outlets and mount TVs?

Electricians can install coax cable outlets and mount TVs, but it is not their primary area of expertise. Electricians typically specialize in electrical wiring and installation of electrical systems, such as lighting, power outlets, and circuit breakers.

Coax cable and TV mounting typically fall under the purview of a specialized technician or contractor, such as a cable or satellite TV provider, or a home theater installation professional. These professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to properly install coaxial cables and mount TVs securely and safely, including knowledge of proper cable routing and wall anchoring techniques.

That being said, some electricians may have experience with installing coaxial cables and mounting TVs, especially if they have worked on home renovation projects or have received additional training in these areas. If you are looking to have coaxial cables or TVs installed, it may be best to consult with a specialized technician or contractor who has specific experience in these areas.

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